4 Which of the following ketones has the lowest boliling point? CH 3 to. 1 b. 4 C. 3 d. 2 5. What is the reason why carb...

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Transcribed: 4. Which of the following ketones has the lowest boling point? CH to. 1 b. 4 C. 3 d. 2 5. What is the reason why carboxylic acids have higher boiling points than alcohols or aldehydes of similar molecular weight? to. Dispersion forces Hydrogen bonds C. The formation of the acid dimer 4 Dipole-dipole interactions 6. What is the name of the following compound? t0. Hexanal b 4-hexanol 3-hydroxyhexanal 4-hydroxyhexanal


4) Boiling point is depends on intermolecular forces of attraction between the molecules. If intermolecular forces of attraction is strong then boiling point will be higher and visa versa also. 

But, here all ketones have same intermolecular forces of attraction then boiling point depends on molecular weight of a compound. Higher molecular weight higher will be boiling point. 

Acetone molecular weight lower than other's cyclic-ketone so it's boiling point lowest than others.


Hence, the correct answer is : 

b. 4 

5) Carboxylic acids and alcohols both have intermolecular hydrogen bonding and aldehyde have dipole dipole interaction. Carboxylic acids have higher boiling point due to formation of acid dimer between two carboxylic acids with the two hydrogen bonding ( more number of hydrogen bonding more will be the boiling point) and we know that hydrogen bonding are stronger than dipole dipole interaction. 


Hence, the correct answer is : 

Hydrogen bond 

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