Is Africa a continent?


Africa is the home of various rich and diverse culture. There are around 54 countries across Africa with each country having it's own unique sets of culture, beliefs and practices. There are around 2000 official languages in Africa, In which Nigeria contributes nearly 500 languages. Just like languages African people practice various amounts of religions and beliefs. The main religions are the African traditional religion which was the first established religion in the continent, Christianity and Islam also have huge followers in the continent. There are different tribal groups in Africa who have their own sets of traditions, beliefs and practices.

Yes Africa is a continent,  the second biggest continent. Home of 1.3 billion people. the population in Africa is very diverse in religion, ethnicity, practices, traditions and beliefs. The majority of the people in the continent are coming from indigenous backgrounds. Like the Masai tribes of Kenya, The Himba tribes, The Zulu tribes, Samburu tribes etc. Africa is also a continent with weak socio economic factors, Most of the countries from the continent are third world countries and suffering from huge poverty and hunger. Over 40% of the population in the continent comes under the poverty line, which means there are high chances that one among two people in Africa are suffering from poverty, because of the poverty hunger issues also a big concern in the continent . Most of the children are born undernourished, malnutrition is common among children and adults. According to some recent surveys one fifth of the continent are suffering from hunger issues. Due to the huge temperature and climate condition Famine and draught are common sight in the continent. Availability of fresh water is also very low.

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