নch कर की पैंhe nofगv्जाकद डि कoकं कैह ढितनापोव ...

Give a clear explanation handwritten answer ....give the detailed answer of each molecule 

Transcribed: twhich wनित कर की मैंe +ofloc्जieद 1s वव्के की ैट गीन्जकदु डि त०कं ०१ १ व+ ए तान o2e ैह ढेहनापोव ली व उनवंगार कलाटव्योत्न न व Sनवोरर कठहिव्याल i) ১) cHq ñ) Pel3 iu) BYF v) ASH3 H2 Cd


1.Molecule are  geoup of same or different atom bonded together to give a stable compound. 


1.H2Cl is not stable as Cl for33m one single  bond with H  as H valency is 1 . so it became HCl

2. CH4  carbon form 4 single  bond with hydrogen so CH4   as carbon valency is 4

3. PCl3  phosphorus valency is  three so it form 3 single bond with chlorine .

4.BrF bromine valency  is one so it form one sigma bond with flourine. 

5. AsH3 astatine have  3 valency electron so it form 3 single bond with hydrogen .

Hence correct answer is 


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