Compare & contrast — Find two ways of doing the same job, one of which is more technologically advanced. Snail mail vs...

Compare & contrast — Find two ways of doing the same job, one of which is more technologically advanced.
Snail mail vs. e-mail is a good example. Make a list of as many instances as you can. Is it always better to be more technologically advanced? 


Technological advancement can be defined as researching and developing new technical knowledge and understanding which can bring improvement to existing technology, and take advantage of the improved technology to perform the task.

In this modern world, technology is getting updated at a rapid pace. For example, introduction of robots to do the tedious job; artificial intelligence etc.


Now according to the question let's look at some of the example of performing a same task in two different ways--one manually and the other using technology 

1) May be 15-20 years ago, if you had to buy new set of clothes for you or your loved ones, you had to go to the market to purchase the clothes, which ultimately require lot of time.

However, now a days, you can just go online to various portals like Amazon and buy clothes of your choice in few minutes. In fact you can do it from wherever you are in the world.

2) In Academics 20-25 years ago, when the technology was not advanced; students used to give their exams through offline mode. For which they have to reach to the examination center, and then sit for couple of hours to write the exams on hard copy.

Due to the advancement of technology, students generally appear for online examination and can get the results also immediately for some exams like PMP, PRINCE etc.

3) May be 10-12 years ago, it was not possible to download your office Outlook in your smartphones, and if you are not in office, you can only reply to your emails once you return.

However, these days, the technology is so advanced that you can easily download various applications like Outlook, Teams etc. in you smartphones, and reply to your important emails, even when you are not carrying your office laptop.

4) Technology is very advanced now a days and it is getting more advanced day by day. Utility bills could be the next example of technological advancement. People used to go to the utility bill centers to pay their bills. But, with the help of technology it is easily paid online with no extra charges.

Hence, with the help of above examples, we can see that technological advancement is not only good but it is for the betterment of the society and people. It has not only helped the organizations but the people in their personal lives as well.

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