Compare and Contrast. Identify two modes of doing the same thing where one involves a more technologically advanced meth...

Compare and Contrast. Identify two modes of doing the same thing where one involves a more technologically advanced method. Example would be snail mail vs. e-mail. List down as many examples.  Brainstorm with a partner if a less technologically sophisticated mechanism can actually turn out to be better in terms of reaching for the good life. Is the more technologically advanced always better?


Technology always gives a comfortable lifestyle for individual. Manual or traditional methods are evolved overtime so as to provide ease of application. Technology is developed to fulfill people’s requirement in such a way that it is affordable, accessible and usable for the mass

There would be various example, but every technology or traditional method do have flaws and its benefits as follows:-

Snail mail v/s e-mail:-

Snail mail refers to the normal postal services that is provided by the post offices of the region. They includes all the services, but mails has to be sent in the letter format with stamp, postal address etc. It took a lot of time to sent a letter in early days as transportation was not evolved that time. 
E-mail refers to electronic mail in which mail is sent via network and individual don’t have to move. Email is send and receive within a few seconds and hence it saves time.
So as we can see that, in mail services, email would be better option, as it is sent within a few seconds and email also stores the information about the mail.

Online payment v/s offline payment:-

Money is one of those most important materialistic thing which is used to sell or buy anything in this world. Traditionally barter system was used for exchange of goods. But that evolve to the money exchange for any goods over time. Currency depends on the country according to which value is fixed. People usually uses cash for any transaction process.
 But due to pandemic and advancement in technology, people drifted towards the digital money in which online banking systems are used. You only need the specification of other person and the money is sent to him. It not only save the records of the transaction but also provide easy application.
Using cash may be or may not be a good option as for international transaction, you will need to exchange the money in the required form while in online format, you just need to equivalent value. But nowadays, fraud cases on the online transaction has also increased which is a matter of concern for the common people.

Online shopping v/s traditional shopping methods:-

Shopping refers to the exchange of goods in place of money. Shopping market is one of the most boost up market in the world as everyone buys or sell something. Going to the market places and buying stuffs like clothes, utensils, grocery etc are very common in every where. But in recent years, Online shops are slowly taking over to the traditional market as you don’t need to go anywhere and goods are deliver to the home. It also saves the time of the individual.
Well online shopping indeed saves time but there are times when the good’s quality is not up to the mark. Also, online transaction can sometime got stuck due to network issues. For a consumer, quality is always the top priority, so if he is not satisfied with the quality of good then it is not worth it. Also in remote areas, it takes a lot of time to deliver the goods. Online shopping has contributed to the global reach but on the same time, it is not accessible for everyone.

e-books v/s books:-

books are ocean of knowledge as it provides the information to an individual. But due to advent of internet, people can share their information on the network and can even grow up their knowledge through it. E-books on internet don’t need physical space and are compatible to use.
No doubt e-books have great advantage over normal traditional books.

Conclusion:- Well we cannot say that a particular technology is good or bad, but everything has flaws, it depends on the individual requirement. If the requirement can be fulfilled by  using less technological methods then he should use it otherwise choose the other one.


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