How can cloud security be improved following a data breach? What are some possible means of retaliation?...

How can cloud security be improved following a data breach? What are some possible means of retaliation?


The security credential most users are familiar with is the password. Cloud storage security vendors secure data using other means as well

Some of these include:

Advanced Firewalls:

All Firewall types inspect traveling data packets. Simple ones only examine the source and destination data. Advanced ones verify packet content integrity. These programs then map packet contents to known security threats

Intrusion Detection:

Online secure storage can serve many users at the same time. Successful cloud security systems rely on identifying when someone tries to break into the system. Multiple levels of detection ensure cloud vendors can even stop intruders who break past the network’s initial defenses

Event Logging: Event logs help security analysts understand threats. These logs record network actions. Analysts use this data to build a narrative concerning network events. This helps them predict and prevent security breaches

Internal Firewalls: 

Not all accounts should have complete access to data stored in the cloud. Limiting secure cloud access through internal firewalls boosts security. This ensures that even a compromised account cannot gain full access


Encryption keeps data safe from unauthorized users. If an attacker steals an encrypted file, access is denied without finding a secret key. The data is worthless to anyone who does not have the key

Physical Security: 

Cloud data centers are highly secure. Certified data centers have 24-hour monitoring, fingerprint locks, and armed guards. These places are more secure than almost all on-site data centers. Different cloud vendors use different approaches for each of these factors. For instance, some cloud storage systems keep user encryption keys from their users. Others give the encryption keys to their users

Best-in-class cloud infrastructure relies on giving users the ideal balance between access and security. If you trust users with their own keys, users may accidentally give the keys to an unauthorized person

There are many different ways to structure a cloud security framework. The user must follow guidelines laid out in the cloud security policy when using the cloud

For a security system to be complete, users must adhere to a security awareness training program. Even the most advanced security system cannot compensate for negligent users

Cloud Data Security Risks

Security breaches are rarely caused by poor cloud data protection. More than 40% of data security breaches occur due to employee error. Improve user security to make cloud storage more secure.

Many factors contribute to user security in the cloud storage system.

Many of these focus on employee training:


Weak passwords are the most common enterprise security vulnerability. Many employees write their passwords down on paper. This defeats the purpose. Multi-factor authentication can solve this problem


In the modern office, every job is a cybersecurity job. Employees must know why security is so important and be trained in security awareness. Users must know how criminals break into enterprise systems. Users must prepare responses to the most common attack vectors

Phishing Protection:

Phishing scams remain the most common cyber attack vector. These attacks attempt to compromise user emails and passwords. Then, attackers can move through business systems to obtain access to more sensitive files

Breach Drills: Simulating data breaches can help employees identify and prevent phishing attacks. Users can also improve response times when real breaches occur. This establishes protocols for handling suspicious activity and gives feedback to users


The results of data breach drills must inform future performance. Practice only makes perfect if analysts measure the results and find ways to improve upon them. Quantify the results of simulation drills and employee training to maximize the security of cloud storage

Cloud Storage Security Issues: Educate Employees

Employee education helps enterprises successfully protect cloud data. Employee users often do not know how cloud computing works

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