How is online retailing integrated with other forms of retailing?...

How is online retailing integrated with other forms of


Online retailing- It is a sort of retail in which customers can buy goods and services online. There are numerous websites dedicated to the buying and selling of products online, and they also supply customers with products based on their preferences. These platforms are simple to use and successful because customers may utilize them while sitting in one location, saving time.


The sale of goods and services through the Internet is known as "online retailing." Online retail is now being integrated with other types of retail. Online shopping allows customers to use "search" functions to locate things such as clothing, footwear, and other accessories. Customers must finish the transaction by paying with a valid method, such as a credit card, and the merchandise is delivered to their doorstep within a certain time frame.

In COVID 19 we integrated online retail with other forms of retailing. in the pandemic, we were not able to go outside we used online retail.

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