Is it possible to have an effect on cloud security after a data breach has occurred? What are some of the countermeasure...

Is it possible to have an effect on cloud security after a data breach has occurred? What are some of the countermeasures that may be implemented?


Breach of data in the cloud

The deliberate or accidental exposure of secure/confidential information to an untrusted environment is known as a data breach.

It's sometimes referred to as data leaking. When sensitive, protected, or confidential data is accessed, transferred, copied, stolen, or utilized by an unauthorized person, it is considered a security breach.

Loss or theft of physical copies of notes, USB drives, laptops, or mobile devices, for example.

Access to your computer, email account, or computer network by an unauthorized person.

The effect of a data leak on cloud security

Intellectual property theft: Some people take advantage of the lack of knowledge to propel their businesses to the top, resulting in increased commercial rivalry.

Damage to the brand's reputation:

Customer information such as personal and financial information is exposed as a result of a data breach, causing consumers to lose faith in the company.

Costs that are not readily apparent:

Information disclosure results in fines and penalties for the organisation.

Revenue loss:

For a given job, there are a variety of business solutions accessible.

As a result, when the data breach occurs on a website, consumers choose for a different option.

As a result, income is lost.

Online vandalism occurs when hackers alter the contents of a website, which has a wide range of consequences for businesses.

Customers' visibility and control are decreased as a result of cloud-specific threats and hazards.

Threats and hazards associated with cloud-on-premise:

Theft of credentials and increasing complexity put a burden on IT personnel.

A countermeasures in the event of a data breach

Multi-factor Authentication:

The user must provide more than just proof of his identity and credentials to get access.

For instance, entering a password and then getting a mobile phone notice with a randomly generated single-use string of numbers active for a limited time.

This is currently considered one of the most important cloud security standards.

As a result, secure authentication may help avoid data breaches.

Firewall on the perimeter:

Use a firewall between a private and public network to manage inbound and outbound traffic in the system.


Rest Encryption is a kind of data that is kept in a system but is not actively utilized on various devices.

Datasets, logs, and databases are all part of this process.

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