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Transcribed: A spring of natural length é and spring constant k is fixed on the ground and the other is fitted with a smooth ring of mass m which slides on a horizontal rod fixed at a height also equal to l (see Figure). Initially the spring makes an angle of 37° with the vertical when the system is released from rest. What is the speed of the ring when the spring becomes vertical? 1 37 Qeeeep



Spring makes an angle =370Its natural length l and spring constant k is fixed on the ground and the other is fitted with a smooth ring of mass m which slideson a horizontal rod fixed. Determine the speed of the ring when the spring becomes vertical ?

We know that;

  From the given figure,

  length of the spring is;    lcos 370or,  l4/5=5l4Therefore,    Extension of the spring is;  5l4-l=l4

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